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Stick a Pin in Your Business and Make a Profit

Several years ago, there was a movie and a book that came out which talked about attracting what you want in your life by envisioning it in a positive way. Part of “The Secret” was to create a board with drawings and photos of the home, the car, the trip, or even the money that you wanted to make so that you could see it every day and remind yourself of the vision you had for your life. Well, in 2012, 3 very smart business people took that concept to a global level when they founded the site that many of us use today known as Pinterest.

According to information released recently, Pinterest now has 150 million daily users, it is targeted to have $300 million dollars in revenue by year’s end and the company is valued at $11 billion dollars with a possible IPO in the near future. So as you read that you may wonder, what does that have to do with my business?

Many people use Pinterest for recipes or decorating ideas, but it has now gone one step further. Let’s look at what they have done. Amy Shopper is browsing the internet and sees an amazing dress that she really loves. She pins it to her board and now all of her Pinterest friends can see that she has (and they like the dress too). With Buyable Pins, now available on Pinterest, Amy and her friends can connect to the retailer selling that dress and make the purchase. That retailer just made a profit and did not really have to do anything but get the product where others could see it. Could it get any easier? It is truly Do-It -ourself marketing! So now let’s ask that question from earlier again. What does that have to do with your business? It’s simple, get people to “stick a pin” in your business and you can virtually envision the growth and profits happen. That’s all there is to it. Now that you know “the secret” to your success. Go Make It Happen!

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