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Establishing Credibility: The 3 C’s to Pursue

In a fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace, brand credibility is perceived by buyers as a brand strength. To customers, credibility represents the promise of transparency, fairness, accountability and long-term access to a supportive and cooperative partnership. The expectancy of these future benefits motivates buyers to place a higher value on credible brands and to be willing to invest in building a relationship with the brand.

The 3 C’s are the core characteristics that earn and maintain your credibility in the marketplace. Consistency offers unwavering organizational values that deliver on your brand promise, each and every time. Continuity is displayed by your efforts to solidify your brand through ongoing organizational innovation and improvement. Conscientiousness provides, to all your stakeholders, local and global alike, public and transparent access to both your policies and your programs of accountability.

One of the most permanent and influential ways to build your credibility is via your online and offline materials. Review your marketing messages and make sure that all your materials live up to the 3 C’s of credibility:

1. Consistency: Does your brand communicate the same values in all the media you use?

2. Continuity: Do you pursue and communicate the business changes and improvements that preserve your brand and that lead to consumer confidence?

3. Conscientiousness: Do you communicate with the stakeholders in each of your audiences (e.g., colleagues, clients, providers) on matters they consider important?

Being perceived as credible is one pathway to attract and to maintain loyal customers. Invest the time to ensure your marketing communications maximize your opportunities to establish and to build the trust that makes your brand valuable.

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Maria Pinochet, Kore Access, Incorporated
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