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Leadership…An Informed Perspective

I have published articles, written books, taken courses, done extensive research, and earned degrees, but have not made the study of leadership the central focus of my career. On the other hand, I’ve worked with and studied exceptional leaders in Fortune 100 companies and in dozens of businesses ranging in size from a few employees to a few hundred employees. All of these leaders have set a standard that I find worth emulating. In addition, I have been in leadership roles—sometimes successfully and other times not so much—in most of my fifty-plus years in business. I share my perspective here with the hope that you may find that perspective useful. I also hope that many who read this brief article add their perspective, which will help me and others grow as leaders, and further the understanding of what it takes to exercise leadership effectively. Finally, I make a clear distinction between leadership and management. • Leadership is about how you deal with people. • Management is about dealing with things and processes. Leaders create the vision. Managers create plans. Your vision motivates people to action; plans are an outcome that guides your team toward making your vision a reality. Leadership and management are the two elements of being-in-charge and being responsible. The ability to discern which element one is dealing with or which is dominant at any moment in each unique situation is—in my view—the main characteristic of a great leader. I call this characteristic wisdom.

Should business owners be concerned about lawsuit risk?

One aggressive lawsuit can destroy and business owner's financial security.

Why Do I Need Project Management Software?

Project management software supports in dealing with perplex and multiple projects simultaneously, regardless of industry concerned.

Management Consulting

5 Elements of a Winning Mission Statement

How to create a Mission Statement that makes a difference

A Winning Mindset

Winning mindsets and attitudes are paramount to business success. Strategies and tactics are only half the battle. Having a positive mindset and attitude are the other.

Brainstorming, Group Think, Silos, Silence or Friction – Yes Friction Part 2

Choose your boss carefully. Make sure he or she has an "open listening to ideas and consideration." Otherwise, your great ideas will remain silent.

Delegation: Leaders Should Make as Few Decisions as Possible

The lack of proper delegation of decision making to lower level managers and employees is the single largest factor in stunted business growth. Without a clear systematic process for delegation, leaders eventually hit their leadership lid and business growth is stifled.

Information Technology Leaders Need Good Communication Skills

Do you ever feel like you cause animosity and anger just by answering a simple question? The wrong word or tone of a word can cause misunderstandings, ill feelings and resentment, producing communication barriers that cost your organization more money than server downtime. It is essential that you approach and communicate effectively with your Front Line people.

Let’s Talk About Time - Time Management, That Is

We all have the same amount of time and we can all use it a little wiser. Here are some ideas and tips of what I am doing regarding time management

The Cost of Government Regulation & How Business Strategy Can Be Used to Mitigate Its Impact

Small business is facing many challenges today, none of which are more foreboding than burdensome Federal Government Regulation and mandates that thwart investment and stifle job growth

Why E-commerce Projects Fail and What to do About it

The last five years have seen an explosion of online sales activity with growth rates in almost all verticals in the fourteen to twenty percent range. However, ninety percent of all online businesses fail.

Business Advice for Management Consulting

Poka Yoke

Mistake proofing is a technique for eliminating errors. It is based upon the premise that it is good to do something right the first time; it is even better to make it impossible to do it wrong the first time. The idea is to make it impossible to make a mistake. You may also hear the term, Poka Yoke or Error Proofing applied to mistake proofing.

Size Really Does Matter…or Does it? (Part 1 of 2)

In the world of business, size really does matter, especially when it comes to how you’re classified.

What is the Significance of a Business Logo?

When it comes to branding, there is perhaps no more important factor than your business logo. What is the significance of a logo? Read on to find out.

Management Consulting - Questions & Answers

As a business owner or principal, how much time do you spend on sales and marketing?

Top answer: 50%

What is the most effective process improvement methodology?

Top answer: Lean Six Sigma

Other Business Consulting Topics

3 Big Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail And Ultimately Disappear

Know these 3 biggest mistakes committed in sales and marketing and you will never commit them again.

7 Steps to Growing a Business More Rapidly

Your business maybe running you instead of you growing it. If that's the case, you might be missing a few of these important steps that help you build a strong business foundation.

Are Seven Percenters Killing Your Business?

How much time are you and your top team spending on strategic initiatives? You'd be very surprised. Then imagine what this is costing you! You'll be nervous...

Are You Ready To Own Your Own Business?

This test will tell you whether or not you are ready to successfully own a business

Art of Networking

Being a great networker is about connecting with people, there really is an art to networking.

Be A Failure

How’s business? Is it great, challenging, fun; is it as good as can be expected? If it’s GREAT – congratulations! If it’s “CHALLENGING” – challenges are good, keep going! If it’s “FUN” – that’s terrific, it should be fun! If it’s “AS GOOD AS CAN BE EXPECTED” – we need to talk! Specifically, we need to talk about what it is you’re expecting.

Brainstorming, Group Think, Silos, Silence or Friction – Yes Friction Part 1

Brainstorming works best when everyone participates and breaks out of his or her work group.

Business and Fairy Tales (Part 1)

Crazy comparison to business and fairy tales in a business philosophy.

Business Innovation to "Win the Future"

The innovation to help American businesses ‘win the future’ will only come about when corporate leaders create a culture of respect between workforce generations. Over and over, we have seen innovation strangled by leaders with a single-minded focus on organizational profitability and entrenched senior executives looking to safeguard their own bank accounts.

Can You Keep Your Lead When Others Falter?

As we see the economy falter, we as business owners and managers wonder how we can keep it all working smoothly. Lets start by taking a leaf out of big business. Its often the other way around as corporations look to entrepreneurial businesses for ideas.

Civility in the Workplace - A Corporate Culture

Civility in the workplace is often a result of corporate culture.

Company Growth . . . Standing Still Makes You a Great Target

Standing still in business makes you a great target for the competition, doesn’t bring the satisfaction of building something great, stifles innovation, motivation, personal and professional growth and gives rise to high employee turnover.

Company Structure; “What Got You Here Won't Get You There”

These famous words by Marshall Goldsmith are appropriate for anyone who has surpassed the five million in sales mark with aspirations of growing to over ten, maybe even thinking of fifty million in annual sales.

Corporate Management or Corporate Chaos

Two of the most misunderstood words in business today are management and leadership. The mere fact that corporate management is what everyone is trying to figure out “how to do” proves the point. “Leadership is doing the right things, management is doing them right “~ Peter Drucker.

Create A Vision That Is Uniquely You

Without a clear vision, you may find yourself confused, stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. How can you get back on your track? The answers are as individual as you are. Use some of the ideas below as starting points.

Critical Steps to Increase Employee Productivity

Increasing employee productivity is one of the biggest challenges for most employers. While an increased output is essential, the demands of the business should not be unrealistic for the employees. That begs the question: How do we create a balance?

Elegant Design

We all know there’s design--and then there’s "Design"! From beautiful houses and buildings to boats–-you name it--design makes all the difference in a great or just--OK outcome. Organizations are no different--design matters--a lot.

Execution or Exit

Execution - a flavor of the month, another good idea? All of the above... A few hints on achieving the desired outcome in your organization...

Finding Homeostasis in the Business Environment During Troubled Economic Times

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: homeostasis, Any self-regulating process by which a biological or mechanical system maintains stability while adjusting to changing conditions. Systems in dynamic equilibrium reach a balance in which internal change continuously compensates for external change in a feedback control process to keep conditions relatively uniform. An example is temperature regulation — mechanically in a room by a thermostat or biologically in the body by a complex system controlled by the hypothalamus, which adjusts breathing and metabolic rates, blood-vessel dilation, and blood-sugar level in response to changes caused by factors including ambient temperature, hormones, and disease.

Four Powerful Strategies for Effective Communication

Communication is a topic with many writers and speakers. Most people probably have at least one opinion on what matters most with communication. Perhaps that is because communication is a necessary skill for anyone wanting positive relationships or to get something done with others. Often, problems of many varieties boil down to nothing more complicated than a lack of effective communication.

Group Purchasing and Small Business

Group purchasing and purchasing cost savings has direct impact on bottom line profits.

Group Purchasing Organization Defined

A group purchasing organization (GPO) helps small business and organizations in various markets realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume.

How We are Using Social Media for You

Social media is the modern equivalent of traditional advertising. If done correctly, social media can grow your online business faster than any other means available. Hiring a company that specializes in Social Media marketing will help ensure the success of your new website or blog.

if Your Business Doesn't Go as Planned--Burn the Map.

We made a “road map” for our business to follow, and it was up and running according to plan. And, then came--life! That's when you have to burn the map, get off the highway and turn your journey into an expedition of the unknown.

In Case of Emergency

They call it “the plane-crash scenario”: one minute, your company’s chugging along fine, then bammo: a twist of fate -- not necessarily in an airplane -- knocks the CEO and top executives out of action.

Is One of Your Goals to “Lose” Some Excess Weight? Why Not Have the Same Goal for Your Business?

which is more important… sales, or profits? Shouldn’t the goal be to increase profits? …the money you keep after paying your expenses? Doubling your revenues doesn’t equate to doubling your profits, does it?

Lean Six Sigma in a Tight Economy?

I have personally seen that senior management in many organizations view Lean Six Sigma as another quality improvement initiative or flavor of the month. We are often told by many engineers and managers in small and big companies that there is nothing really new in Lean Six Sigma compared to other quality initiatives we have witnessed in the past.

Managing Client Relationships

Even the best run organizations occasionally run into difficult situations with clients, consultants, and vendors. Learn how to manage client relationships.

Managing For Failure The Infection of Procedure, Process and Structure in Small Business

Development and implementation of process, procedure and structure is indeed an epidemic if not an obsession within the small business community. However, the process may very well strip a small company of its most valuable assets; entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, rapid time to market, swiftness in adjusting to market trends, cash (development and implementation is an expensive endeavor) and the ability to attract and retain the creative souls who are the very heart of small business.

“One Thing” Every Entrepreneur Absolutely Must Do

In the movie City Slickers the trail boss “Curly”, played by Jack Palance, was a trail-hardened cowboy with some advise for his “city slicker” guests, “all you have to know is that one thing.”

People Relate to People

Here is something to think about when you next review your marketing campaign, your networking efforts, your branding, your advertising materials and your sales scripts…

Reporting is Serious Business!

Developing a reporting structure is often a problem for organizations large and small! It's really simple.

Routine Sets You Free – Setting the Course for Strategic Discipline

What are the habits that discipline you toward success? Meeting rhythms are one of the tools help you stay on course to achieve your priorities.

Start With a Plan and Success is Much Closer Than Failure

In business if you fail to plan, then you also plan to fail.

Starting A Surfing Business With $1500 Even In Today's Economy

The surfing industry is one of the few industries where one can create a viable Small Business that produces satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams. Of course it takes alot of MidNight Oil, planning, and dedication. Never hope for luck but always depend on the creation of quality products and services and depend solely on your own tuition, experience, and be willing to travel and listen intently because you will earn your Street Degree one step at a time.

Succession Planning For Your Family Business

Succession planning is critical in a closely held or family business. Plan and prepare properly to assure your company's success.

Taking Control of Your Time - Part 1

Part 1 of a 3 part series of tips for taking control of your time. This article outlines the first 2 tips.

Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level

If your small business has reached a "plateau" point, here are some ideas on how to increase the productivity of your business. It's easy to overlook these proven methods when you are preoccupied with running your business.

Taming Information Overload Before It Devours

Our capacity to discover and access information is creating an overload that can become dangerous to your ability to perform.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Business Right Away

In this economic climate here are 10 things you can do today that will help you achieve growth in your business.

“…That's Not What They Pay Me For”

If the first impression you make “stresses” me (the customer), any opportunity you had to sell your product or service has just been totally closed off. You know the saying: “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

The Organization of the Future

The organization of the future would be an entirely different place to work than the top-down, Worker versus Management organizations of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Business

Owners and executives must be leaders first and managers second. As leaders our task is first and foremost to be about doing the right things, and the “seven deadly sins,” should be on the top of your list as leadership issues you are dealing with on a regular basis. Building a small business is one of the most rewarding, but risky ventures one could possibly venture into.

The Worst Thing About Worry Is That It Attracts A Whole Lot Of Relatives

Changing your “What if, then…” focus from the problem to a solution (whether in business or in your personal matters) changes your whole paradigm.

This is the New Normal

I talk with small business owners day in and day out. I keep hearing about this recession thing and how they are waiting to do anything with their business until the economy improves. Guys, this is it. This is the new normal. It’s not just another cycle — we’re in what some people are calling a “reset,” a basic shift in how money moves around. We have to accept that the government isn’t going to change the economy, we are!

Three Keys to Small Business Success

We’ve all heard the old adage, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” If what you’re getting isn’t good enough anymore, you need to CHANGE things. Success in business requires three things in this sequence. . .

Vendor Management

Many businesses are not aware of the high risk exposure when contracting third party vendors to aid with their business processes. This article will give a little more insight on why it is very important to have appropriate vendor management guidelines in place to create risk awareness and be able to proactively reduce the risk before high risk exposure occurs.

What is True Leadership?

Discussing what is really leadership all about

What It Takes To Succeed In Business!

Its not easy, but you can succeed. This is what it takes.

WoW Factor

Chef Ramsay and others have queried restaurant owners and readers of a book have been asked about what I coined in 72. One's WoW Factor.

You Are Never Too Small for UX: Making the Case for Small Businesses to Conduct UX Research

Many large businesses have in-house User Experience teams, or they hire UX consultants to do their research for them while internal teams implement changes based on findings. Both options are expensive. Small businesses can still improve their products and services by being smart about when and how they conduct UX research.

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